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I love ranting. You won't hear much about my personal life. Want to see more of my stuff, then go to my site or something. Or rather,

Normally, if you add me, I'll add you back, but that applies if I know you. If I don't know you, then there's no guarantee that I'll add you back. Sometimes I will, sometimes I won't. If you remove me, I will almost always remove you too.

I seldom add anyone first.




Communities that are mine(just archives now):

On Live Journal:

[info]fromtheleft--For Staunch Leftists
[info]fictional2012--For Fictional/Fake Journals
[info]lovelyluc--Suikoden Luc fan community
[info]fandom_songs--For posting songs/song lyrics that fit characters/scenes.
[info]genocide_heart--Info/Commentary/News about gay rights/same sexed marriage
[info]calm_dichotomy--Dedicated to Baralai of Final Fantasy X-2
[info]vga_icontest--Icon Contest for Video Game/Anime Icons
[info]sadu--Society for the Appreciation of Dominant Ukes
[info]ffsues--For pointing and laughing at Mary Sues in the Final Fantasy Fandom
[info]ff_hush--Final Fantasy textless icon contest.
[info]cliff_diving--Cliff/Albel fans--UNITE!
[info]insert_phrase--50 Phrases/Quotes writing community.
[info]speed_i_need--For fans of YGO DOOM Bikers

(These are just archives as they are no longer updated)

On DeadJournal:

Gasoline and Peanuts--a humor blog

Additional Journals(because I don't have enough):

Used for JournalFen Communities and my Icons

Icon Awards I've won:

Right here

On Dreamwidth:

[community profile] triace_100
[community profile] song_prompt

Interests (146):

agnosticism, albel/fayt, angst, anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism, ashton anchors, assemblage 23, atheism, axel/roxas/demyx, baralai, baralai/gippal, baralai/isaaru, baralai/paine, berserk, bill hicks, bjork, books, caffeine, candy, cats, che guevara, cheese, chocolate, citan uzuki, civil liberties, claude frollo, coffee, comedy, communism, converter, crisis core, democratic socialism, dennis miller, dragon quest viii, eating, ebay, ebm, eclecticism, electronic music, erotica, fanfiction, fantasy, fictional characters, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, flame wars, food, freedom from religion, futomimi, futurism, gabriel/lucifer, gay rights, genesis rhapsodos, genesis/angeal, genesis/angeal/sephiroth, george carlin, gippal/baralai, guts/griffith, harry potter, history, house, human rights, humanism, humor, hunchback of notre dame, hurt/comfort, icons, individualism, isaaru, isaaru/baralai, ivory frequency, jade curtiss, jade/guy, libertarian socialism, literature, lord of the rings, luc, luc/sasarai, making money online, mark jackson, marxism, mp3s, mst3k, nazgul, neopets, nero the sable, neuroticfish, paid to, parappa the rapper, persona, personal rights, philosophy, poetry, politics, porn on beta, praise the fallen, pro-choice, progressivism, quotes, ranting, reading, redundancy, religion, remixes, reviews, ringwraiths, ronan harris, saga frontier, sasarai, sauron, science fiction, shin megami tensei, shiny things, sigur ros, slash, social democracy, social justice, socialism, soulbonds, space, squaresoft, star ocean 2, stars, suikoden, suikoden 2, swords, tales of the abyss, talk shows, techno, the dark tower series, thinking, thranduil, tigana, tragedy, trance, transnationalism, trotskyism, ultima, video game soundtracks, video games, vnv nation, watching tv, writing, wumpscut, yaoi, yu-gi-oh
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